Cathrine and Barbara were both born in 1993. Growing up in Copenhagen together inspired and established the importance of the Copenhagen roots and lifestyle for Saks Potts.

Copenhagen is famous for its unique culture life, design and food scene which is an enormous source of inspiration for the designers. Barbara, Cathrine and the whole team live and work in different areas of Copenhagen and share an equal love to the city. Copenhagen is the setting and the scene for most things related to the brand, and Barbara and Cathrine find a lot of inspiration in their daily life in the Danish capital city.

First and foremost, Saks Potts is a personal reflection of Barbara and Cathrine’s life. While most of the inspiration transpired from Cathrine and Barbara's natural environment in Denmark, the late Carolyne Bessette-Kennedy is an ultimate muse for the Saks Potts woman. The chic 90’s minimalism and modernism inspired the founders to create garments that fit into a modern women's lifestyle.

Barbara & Cathrine also spend a lot of time on the countryside of Denmark, especially up north in Barbara’s family holiday home, also called a summerhouse in danish. Being in the danish nature, breathing in the fresh air from walks in the forest or by the sea, they rewind and get inspiration for new ideas for the collection which might give it a practical touch.

With Cathrine’s degree in fashion design and tailoring and Barbara’s BA in art history from the University of Copenhagen, they perfectly complement each other. Their partnership is the right blend of technical expertise and artistic understanding. Their designs are focused on creating sophisticated and long-lasting collections that compliment and empower women all around the world.

Cathrine and Barbara create every collection based on the concept of THE CLOSET consisting of their own favorite pieces. The collections are always made from exquisite materials, sublimely tailored, and with a close eye for detail. The desire is to let every garment become a forever favorite in your closet.

The collections are not based on short-term trends but work beautifully across seasons, which makes the Saks Potts items extremely applicable in any closet. As a niche brand, Saks Potts has received great international acknowledgement. Saks Potts has been worn by Maggie Gyllenhaal, The Crown Princess of Denmark, Meryl Streep, Lady Gaga, and Rosalia to name a few.

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